The Jesus. Series

Lincoln Christian Church is about to embark on a 16-month journey into and through the life of Jesus.  We’ve titled it, JESUS. Real creative, huh? But think about that title, “JESUS. . . PERIOD!” The title says more than it might first appear.

Luke, a man of science, after a very careful investigation, writes a biography of Jesus with eyeopening revelations into Jesus the man and Jesus the Son of God. Luke reveals the incredible claims of Jesus. He tells us of Jesus’ teachings and miracles in a mind-blowing way. He presents the story of Jesus not as some mythical fairy tale, but as a historic account of real events that actually happened. This is our opportunity to get re-amazed with Jesus. This will be our chance to know Jesus more deeply. This journey with Jesus will take us apart and put us back together in ways you may have never imagined. Get ready for JESUS.

The JESUS. Series began December 4, 2016 and finishes at Easter 2018. Anyone and everyone is invited to join us in this journey.