Kerala Christian Evangelical Mission

Abraham Family - James & Valsa, Helena, and Elsa

KCEM was started over 30 years ago by Matthew & Suzie Varughese after Matthew graduated from seminary. As an effective evangelist and church planter, Matthew proclaimed the gospel of Jesus both inside and outside India and eventually began the ministry that would outlast his voice—KCEM. Since 2003 Matthew's son, Felix Varughese, has acted as a liaison between the supporting U. S. churches and the Indian national churches.

James Abraham and his family have since taken over the parish ministry of KCEM and has been a blessing to the people through his preaching and teaching. House churches in the Gundelpet mission center are growing. Moreover, tribal peoples are hearing the gospel through their children and their involvement in Bible clubs, soccer camps and volleyball camps put on for surrounding villages. New converts often must travel five hours to be immersed in a “safe” place; what a problem to have!

Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in these outreach efforts.