The 2018 large offering will go toward making stronger spiritual legacy and enduring impact on the kingdom of God. The dedicated offering collected through the end of the year will be divided between two important needs: (1) endowing the Appel Scholarship for students pursuing Christian ministries, and (2) refurbishing current baptismal facilities. Thank you for participating in this offering and helping to create a legacy that outlasts the walls of LCC.

Gene Appel

Gene Appel, megachurch preaching pastor from Anaheim, CA, and Timothy of LCC helped launch the series on November 4. Gene was born and raised in Lincoln, IL and was among the first to receive an Appel Scholarship named after his father and former preaching minister at LCC, Leon Appel.

Here's Gene's encouragement:

"You're not just providing an updated baptistery area so that a life can change; you're not just providing scholarship money so a student can go to college; you are providing great multipliers."

In Gene's case and many other scholarship recipients the math speakers for itself:

1 baptistery + 1 scholarship = 13,853 lives saved


L. H. Appel Scholarship

The Appel Scholarship began in 1974 in memory of Leon H. Appel whose dedication to preaching and encouraging young students came to mark his life and legacy. The intent behind the scholarship is to help enable each and every man or woman interested in Christian ministry to be able to attend a Restoration Movement Bible college to receive a formal education. To date, the Appel Scholarship has awarded over 240 scholarships to aid students in pursuing a Christian education and has graduated many into full-time vocational ministry. The first half of the large offering will go towards securing this scholarship fund for raising kingdom workers for years and students to come.


The other half of the large offering will go towards refurbishing the baptismal changing rooms, bathrooms, and hall area. These locations reside in the original church building built in the current location and have not been updated since the 1950's. Baptizing new believers has remained a major piece of our DNA at LCC for all these years and it’s important to us to welcome our brothers and sisters well. 

From now until the end of the year we will be accepting donations for this important large offering. Thank you for contributing to the enduring legacy of the gospel and providing the means for baptizing the next generation of believers and raising of Christian leaders.