Lanna theological Center - LTC

Filbeck Family - David L. & Deloris, Catherine, Carmen, David A., and Ken

Dr. David L. Filbeck and his wife Doris began working with the people of Thailand in 1960 and after many years of social and political hardship moved back to the U. S. In 1982 David and Doris returned to Thailand with great success. After 20 years, planting over seven churches, providing a translation of the New Testament in the Mai dialect, and a previous Bible Center later LTC was born! Since 2003, LTC has worked in partnership with Christian Mission to the Orient (CMO) in order to provide theological and leadership training for Thai students. Many of these students have gone on to plant churches, assist tribal youth, and participate in various levels of church leadership throughout Thailand.

David L. & Doris' children, Carmen, David A., and Ken along with other family members all continue to work in partnership with CMO and LTC.

Dr. Ken Filbeck further founded Community of Blessing (COB) providing medical outreach clinics to churches throughout Thailand

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